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In 2019 we opened the store as a small room for design and coffee. You can drink a speciality coffee, buy a product or just seek inspiration on the prototypes and the objects around.
The store serves as a place for connection, creativity and collaboration. The interior is entirely made out of recicled and leftovers materials from the projects of Co Laboratory worshop. You can explore it online and off line in Calea Dudesti, no. 140, Bucharest.


We have started this chapter of our business with accessories, like menus and trays, and soon we have managed to scale up to exciting projects. We do project management for HoReCa interiors, saving you time, money and stress. We can help you with the design, and/or the production and create special pieces of furniture and decor.  If you are planning to open or refresh a space, you found the right team.


Our home and what we surround ourselves with are important for our well-being and our ability to relax. Most of us have a desire to create a unique space for ourselves, personalising the interior and decorating our home with items we find valuable – sentimental or otherwise.
We believe that the best way to create a personal space is to forget about the trends, and allow yourself to be inspired by everything around you that YOU truly love. Instead of focusing on what’s hot and trending on the newest interior design blog or in the magazines, we use a different approach to shape your house. We’re here to help you create a home fitted to your lifestyle and personality. Co Laboratory will help you with any project, large or small.

Product design

At Co Laboratory we focus on and respect the materials we work with. You will find unique designs in raw and natural materials with a bold personality.  We use natural materials, to make furniture and accessories, such as wood, marble, leather and we obtain designs that will bring soul, warmth, and authenticity to the space.
We believe in craftsmanship, which is why our products are handmade in our workshop. Nature also plays a huge part in the final products, and in some way, our one-of-a-kind products are custom-made by nature, which is something we value highly in our design aesthetic. The organic shapes and natural quirks create an authentic expression that breathes life into our products.

Custom made

Craftsmanship and sensitivity goes into creating the perfect products. No limits. No predetermined solutions. We use our experience and creativity to turn your dream or paper project into a real product. If you know what you want, we are happy to help you produce the furniture or the product you need.  Let’s collaborate – the interaction between us makes magic happen.

Exhibitions & events

An exhibition or an event is the perfect opportunity to showcase your work or to communicate your message. With creativity and planning, we can create the perfect exhibition stand design to connect with your audience and get people talking about your message.
We can design and produce architectural models, photo displays or structures. If you are planning an exibition, you found the team to design and/or build the set.

Corporate gifts

Whether you need a gift for your employees, partners or clients, we came with sollutions that fit any budget. We do unique gifts or large series of personalized products that can show your collaborators how much you appreciate them.
It may be a symbolic gift for holidays or a trophy for a special event, we are ready to come with a fresh idea or produce your idea. 

Souvenirs. Decoration for private events

We made over 25 ooo souvenirs in the last year.  If you are a local or a global bussines, we can make personalized souvenirs such as magnets, keychains, bracelets, bookmarks etc. If you need a personalized gift for your clients or you have an idea you would like to sell, let’s produce it. We do the production in-house and we assamble it with the help of people that are in need. So when you buy something, we give back to the community.
And if you plan a wedding, a baby shower or a party, and you need a thematic decor, we can help you to make it.

Who is Co Laboratory?

We are a multidisciplinary workshop based in Bucharest in 2017.
What started out as a passion for designing and collecting objects, has grown organically to a workshop with various size projects. 

Co Laboratory has 4 pillars: Create, Collaborate, Communicate and Experiment. This foundation weaves through everything we do as a workshop.  

Our work is based on both on design and production. Natural materials and local materials are a source of inspiration and our creative process is revealing the authenticity and the poetry of the objects.

Patricia Erimescu and Alexandru Barbu
founders & owners Co Laboratory

Let's collaborate

We are always looking for passionate people who want to collaborate with us. If you want to (re)decorate your  restaurant, café, hotel, house or any other scene to your specific needs, we will help you to create a unique atmosphere.

If you are looking for a job, we are always open to collaborate with talented people.

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