For companies who spoil their collaborators and employees we can create a symbolic product that fit any budget and align with the company’s values.

Please consider to contact us months before the event. We are working on the prototipes as long as it take for the client to be happy.  Not only on holidays. And the best thing is that we can personalize it with the name of every person, the logo of the company or any graphic from the visual identity of your company. 

Exemple 1: A calendar made of 2 boards: 1 with green moss and the logo of the company, and the other with a calendar. But even the calendar has 2 faces: 2020 and 2021. So, by the end of 2020, you can unscrew it, turn around the wood board and there you are, ready for an amazing new year – 2021.

Exemple 2: Christmas boxes with handmade tree decorations. Every box is closed with a postcard, personalized with the logo of the company and the name of the surprised person.