The best thing about collaborating with us is that you have the complete control on your product. You can see and touch the materials before we start producing it. We do everything in-house so it is easy to supervise the stages of your product and even modify in an early stage of production if you make up your mind.

Production of the Jungle Station

We craft bold ideas of designers and architects. Like this power station which is a decor element, but also a functional object, meant to charge the devices and keep you organized.

Technical info: metal handle incorporating LED strip, laser cut plexiglass decorative ”vegetation”, painted MDF box, hiding the LED transformer and anything you don’t want to keep on your desk, USB power and wi fi.

Design: Catinas Raluca, Mirea Diana

Production of an art instalation for Saeco

150 engraved wooden pieces hanged from a circular structure. We love repetitive things, our robotic side comes to the surface and do a great job. Our job was to find the balance of this installation that looks like an chandalier, develop a structure for hanging it to different levels and hang the wooden boards. Not so easy peasy, but so pleasing.
Made in collaboration with Woodish

Rocking elephant

The only elephant you should ride is a wooden rocking elephant. We did it for a kid, then for two, and then they wanted a zebra. To be continued…

Moss, moss, moss

For the ones who loves moss, we do it in every form and color. If you know what you want, we are all good. If you don’t, we propose you something SWEET ( ”Dulce” in Romanian).