The name of the INSTINCT washbasin comes from the craftsmen’s instinct, from the freedom they use in handling tools when making a product. Without carefully drawn plans previously, without exact dimensions, without strict rules, it is sculpted according to the wood. When they see a volume of wood, they know exactly if they turn it into a spoon, a platter or a bowl, then they outline it and their instinct and experience leads them to the final product with each carving.

Ever since we saw the wooden dough, we have thought of turning it into a bathroom sink. We started playing with it, how else can you reinvent a traditional product than trying to understand it, touch it, feel its texture, smell, shape, coexist with it until you figure out how to balance the traditional with contemporary. When we tried to adapt it to contemporary use, the rigorous drawings did not fit with the small imperfections of the surface, and this made us change our perspective and adopt the “instinctive design”, as the craftsmen. Based on sketches, we started to test the materials and chose metal so it wouldn’t compete with the unique texture of the wood, but highlight its imperfect beauty. The size of the added piece volume has been adapted according to the wooden dough, proportionally, but each washbasin is unique in proportion, colour, texture.

This is how INSTINCT was born, a contemporary washbasin, which celebrates the raw beauty of wood and craft. The design does not follow strict rules but adapts according to the carved pieces of wood.

INSTINCT won the prize of the contest ReDesign Crafts (link )