the architectural spirit defined by the raw beauty

Trophy – the architectural spirit defined by the raw beauty

“Limit everything to the essential but do not remove the poetry.” Dieter Rams

The trophy is shaped geometrically, the square shape of the base is gradually transformed into a hexagon that follows the RBA logo. The honest exposure of relevant physical characteristics, the rough texture, reveals this different sense of beauty in subtle detail. The trophy and the wall plaque are made from the same materials found in architecture.

Hardwood that is handcrafted, laser cut and laser engraved, worked in detail, polished, with a warm appearance and metal that remains raw and is engraved with the brand identity of RBA, are complementary: warm and cold, finished and raw, light and heavy, flexible and strong, volume and emptiness.

Things are expressed in a plain, simple, natural manner, not in terms of decoration but in terms of clarity, a kind of clarity achieved through the exclusion of the non-essential, leaving ample space around the object.
This raw materials draws us with a power that the shine of the new doesn’t possess.

The trophy reflects the geometry and the materials found in architecture with a natural and unforced appearance, celebrating their raw beauty: a handcrafted wooden base and rough metal, beautiful in their deliberate imperfection, like the elegance of an honest building and its timeless qualities.


The intention is to re-create and abstract architecture at small scale and the characteristics of the architectural object include roughness, simplicity, economy, austerity, modesty, intimacy, and appreciation of the natural objects and processes. Materials and textures

Rough textures, minimally processed goods, natural materials, and subtle hues. The materials used are organic, not synthetic. The wood and the metal will express the passage of time and their devolution is expressive and attractive.

A base of handcrafted wood, a laser engraved text and a metal object placed on its top, is creating the illusion of levitation, despite its weight. For the wall plaque is used a piece of hardwood also laser engraved with the visual elements of Romanian Building Awards and the text.

The trophy won the first prize of the contest RBA Trophy Design

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