Events decoration

You saw it on pinterest but you can’t find it! Or you had a dream last night about the backdrop, the gift box, you imagine how it would look in that perfect environment. Well, we are here to help you create it.
Like this beautiful little house. Yes, it is a baptism money box or a doll house, is something you don’t throw away after the party, but rather used it as a decor. It is designed an decorated by talented Ana Barbu, togheter with little gift boxes filled with hand made cookies, for her favorite nephew’s party.


This a B2B segment. We can produce up to thousands of souvenirs, with our design or yours. We produces magnets, keychains, bracelets and a diversity of accessories. If you want to offer you clients personalized gifts or you want to sell them, let’s do business. We are always open to win-win collaborations.